Orlando Figes – Mostly His Books Illustrates Russian Revolution Incidents


Orlando Figes has written thirteen novels and completed several non-fiction works. He was brought up by his single mother as his father left him when he was three years old. He went to a grammar school, William Ellis School in North London. After completing his school, he went to Gonville and Caius College in Cambridge. From Cambridge he completed graduation with a double starred First and joined a Ph.D. on Russian history under the guidance of Norman Stone.
His first book was published in 1989. The book was about the condition of peasantry of the Volga region during the Civil War and Russian revolution War. His early work was majorly influenced by Teodor Shanin, who was the Professor of Sociology at Manchester University. Professor Teodor developed the thought of Alexander Chayanov. It was an alternate option to Maxist ideas on development of capitalist in Russian rural area. Viktor Danilov was the most renowned historian of Soviet peasantry. Orlando Figes got the chance to work with him through Teodor. He helped Orlando to gain sufficient knowledge about the subject of his first book. Later, Orlando translated one of Danilov’s books into English.
In 1996, he published a book which was also related to Russian Revolution. It was then translated to over twenty different languages. The book was about people’s misfortune such as the crisis of food in 1989 to the demise of Lenin. It combines the story of well known representatives to the common workers and peasants. For this book he received several awards too. During his research on this book, he was nominated as a Researcher in Trinity College in Cambridge. He also served as a history lecturer in University.
His third book on Russian Revolution was published in 1999. This book analyzed the political language, historical ideas, symbols and revolutionary songs during the Russian revolution. After writing on Russian revolution, Orlando Figes turned his focus on Russian culture. His book Natasha became the bestselling book and was translated to more than a dozen languages. He wanted to write a book that illustrated positivity and his passion for Russia. His work was beautiful and people enjoyed reading it.
He has published several books that gained recognition. His next book will be issued in 2013. It is based on the true love story. He will be publishing a brief history of the Russian revolution so that all his work on Russia and Soviet comes together.







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